Facilities – internal

The following on-site equipment can be offered:

  • 35mm slide projector and screen
  • Fax and photocopier
  • Flip chart
  • LCD projector
  • Lectern
  • Staging
  • TV
  • VHS video recorder, monitor and DVD
  • Conference telephone
  • Free Wireless Broadband
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Copy Typing Services per A4 sheet – £5.00

Facsimile Transmission:

Per sheet inland – £1.00
Per sheet international – £3.00

Telephone calls per unit – 30p
Photocopying per sheet – 20p
Postal Services UK & Overseas
Cost only

We can arrange for any other equipment to be brought in for you. If you require any other equipment, please call us on 01756 700 100 or e-mail Lindsaymueller@rendezvous-skipton.com