A New Year Message from Mr Weaving

It’s been quite a year! Here at the Rendezvous Hotel we’ve welcomed over fifteen thousand individual guests, including a wide range of groups, societies and clubs who have chosen our hotel to host their gala evenings, charity events, conferences, club events and exhibitions, etc., all keen to discover why Yorkshire continues to be one of the most popular visitor destinations in the UK. I’m particularly pleased that our ballroom, the largest in any hotel in the north of England, has once again proved so popular with societies and clubs looking for somewhere special to get their members’ feet tapping.

But now, as we approach Christmas and the festive period, there’s a new buzz going around the hotel. It’s not simply that we’re all looking forward to welcome guests to our many Christmas events. It’s not just the excitement leading up to the new year. This year we’re all looking forward to welcoming, well, launching would be a better word, a new member of the Rendezvous Hotel team. Fortunately for me she is beautiful, very friendly (ecologically speaking) and does all that I ask of her.

‘Graceful Swan’ is our new, all-electric restaurant boat, the first purpose-built, and believed to be the only boat of its kind on the canals of the UK, ‘Gracie’, as she’s become known around here, will offer a choice of unique dinner cruises, dining experiences and corporate events. Being all-electric she’ll offer a new dimension to canal cruising, peaceful and serene way to experience the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. As she glides over the water no engine noise or vibration, no fumes. Just the noise of the ripples as Gracie makes her way at four miles per hour (tranquil dining at its best). You can see more about ‘Gracie’ at www.gracefulswan.co.uk.

Having endured but obviously enjoyed 15 years here at Rendezvous, I still think my job is the best job in the world (99.9% of the time). The staff have obviously helped make it so. But for now, as 2019 draws to an end, may I wish you and your family an enjoyable festive period and a safe and healthy new year, and I look forward to welcoming you to the Rendezvous Hotel in 2020.

Malcolm Weaving
Owner and an occasional Santa

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