Taking our environmental responsibilities seriously

You’ve probably seen the notices in our bathrooms talking about re-using towels to avoid unnecessary washing. That’s just one of the things we do as part of our commitment to taking a responsible approach to looking after our bit of the environment. Here are the other things we’re doing:

  • We use a biomass boiler renewable energy (equivalent of over 5000 KWH from each tonne of wood pellets) to provide our hot water, central heating and the heating for our swimming pool.
  • We have two electric car charging points for guests and locals
  • We carefully monitor our water usage. We have a water filtration system, and water collected in water butts is used to keep our plants looking good.
  • We have a waste paper and rubbish compressor. That has helped to reduce our general waste collection to one day a week, and our paper collection to one day every fortnight. We also have recycling skips for green, brown and clear glass bottles.
  • Our outside lights are set on timers
  • We always aim to use local produce and local suppliers where we can.
  • Our guests love to get in their cars and explore the Dales. However, to help reduce carbon emissions, we highlight why staying in Skipton itself, with all that there is to do, is an environmentally friendly option. Taking the bus into town, or walking the mile along the canal towpath is even better!
  • We offer bike rental and bike storage to encourage cycling.
  • Our chefs have created a small herb garden. It’s not a full allotment, but everyone has to start somewhere, and the herbs taste great!
  • And just in case you haven’t seen our notice about towels, if you place them in the bath we will change them. If you don’t, we won’t. If you’re staying with us for a few days, bedding is changed on the third day. But if you’d like it changed earlier, just ask.
  • It might only make a small difference, but all the plants we have at the front and back of the hotel help with air filtration.

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