Ellie’s mission to become more ECO-friendly

The Rendezvous Hotel has always been at the forefront of exploring ways to become more eco-friendly. Our programme of environmental sustainability has seen the introduction of a waste paper and rubbish compressor that has reduced the general waste collection from three times per week to just one. A biomass boiler system that runs on renewable energy provides all the hot water for the hotel, and an in-house water filtration system delivers improved efficiencies. Outside lights are set on timers and a light control system has been installed in ground floor bedrooms. But there’s always more that can be done.

Ellie Cooper, who has been a receptionist at the hotel for two years, has recently been appointed as the Rendezvous’ official eco representative.

“I’ve always been someone who sorts out my recyclable items at home,” she says. “I wash cans and generally make sure that anything than can be recycled is separated out from what goes into landfill. I’ve been watching the extensive media coverage about the damage being done to the environment by plastic, and started wondering what could be done at the hotel to help improve our eco credentials further.”

Ellie’s mission started with what has become a topical issue nationwide, plastic straws.

“I realised that we were getting through a lot of straws so I’ve been investigating cost-effective alternatives that are bio-degradable. I’ve identified paper-based alternatives and these are being introduced.”

As the Rendezvous’ official eco representative, Ellie is now looking at what else can be done across the hotel.

“We use a tremendous amount of little plastic bottle for toiletries,” she says. “I’m looking to see what alternatives are available. We know many of our guests prefer the little bottles, but it might be that we move to wall-mounted dispensers.”

But it’s not just the bedrooms and public areas that Ellie has her eye on.

“I’m keen to make sure our offices and reception areas are eco-friendly too, she explains. “More recycling and more light sensors are on my to-do list. I’m also trying to enthuse my colleagues to be more eco-friendly. There are some quick-wins, and there are other things that we do that will take a little longer to change. But I’m really passionate about this, so change they will!”

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