birthdays and celebrations at the Rendezvous Hotel in Yorkshire

Happy 100th brithday Bessie!

Birthday parties and celebrations at our Yorkshire hotel

There’s nothing we enjoy more than hosting a birthday celebration so it was lovely to see Bessie Chambers who recently came to the Rendezvous to celebrate her 100th birthday!

Bessie, along with family from Yorkshire and Ireland, joined us to spend some time in Yorkshire where she grew up. Born in Bradford, Bessie enjoyed visits to Bolton Abbey as a child and cycling around the local area as a teenager. Although Bessie has since lived in Australia and Morecambe, she still enjoys a trip home to her beloved Yorkshire countryside.

Bessie’s husband Bert passed away in 2006 and she now lives with family in Stoke on Trent. She has four children, 7 grandchildren and 13 grandchildren and when asked what she attributes to her longevity, she puts it down to a good night’s sleep and good food – especially fresh cream trifle! We couldn’t agree more: that sounds like the perfect recipe for a long life!

Happy birthday to Bessie from everyone here at the Rendezvous Hotel – it was a privilege to help you celebrate your 100th birthday and we’d love to welcome you and your family here again!

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