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Petals charity ambitions for 2015

Rendezvous’ pet charity is Petal Childhood Cancer Research.  Karen and Malcolm Weaving have raised funds specifically for research into childhood cancers for 17 years! Karen is founder and secretary.

By 2013 this small committee of girls had raised £1 million, in 2014 they raised a further £110,000 and are gearing up for their 24 hour event in September this year with their HOPE – hope for all cancer survivors!

Local charities up for the Tough Mudder challenge!!

A group of local men, in conjunction with the Rendezvous Hotel Leisure Club and a variety of Rendezvous staff are taking part in the event to raise funds for the charities close to Rendezvous’ and many people’s hearts, Petal Childhood Cancer Research in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Over the coming months in preparation for the event both Sean Whelan and Martin Wilson will be teaming up with Rendezvous Hotel Director Karen Weaving and Rendezvous Leisure Manager Dominic Phillips to both raise funds and train for Tough Mudder.

Karen Weaving and a small female committee started Petal Childhood Cancer Research (previously Ribble Valley & White Rose Ladies) 17 Years ago and have raised a phenomenal amount. The group has been going strong and are always looking to raise more money to help the cause. Petal raised £1 million by 2013 and approximately a further £110,000 in 2014. Cancer Research UK is the largest single funder of research into children’s cancer in the UK. Petal has been a pet charity of Rendezvous for a long time now, and the efforts have even been commended by staff at Cancer Research UK:

‘Thanks to the fantastic fundraising efforts of staff at the Rendezvous Hotel, over £1.1 million has been raised for research into children’s cancers. This has helped to ensure that three-quarters of children with cancer are now cured, compared with around a quarter in the late 1960s. Cancer Research UK receives no government funding, so we rely on the efforts of amazing supporters like the Rendezvous Hotel to enable us to do life-saving research.’

Rebecca Phillips, Regional Manager at Cancer Research UK

As we all know there will be many other local people wanting to take part in the event Rendezvous Leisure Club will be offering a variety of options for those signed up! Including discounted membership packages, circuit classes and personal training sessions, where a percentage will go to the charity. A Raffle for all, offering a variety of prizes, membership packages, Personal Training sessions, a meal in the restaurant. Full details are available via the leisure club page. We also urge those who are doing the challenge, but haven’t considered raising funds for a charity to get in touch! Any form of donation is appreciated, Rendezvous will supply sponsorship forms, or details to the JustGiving site that Petal use.

For the generous out there giving today can be done at:

More information about Petal can be found here:

Charity Number: 1089464

holidays in skipton

What’s on at Skipton Castle?

Over 900 years old, Skipton Castle is one of the most complete and best preserved medieval castles in England and is well worth a visit at any season of the year. On their website you can now find a full listing of events that take place all year round.

On the 1st and 2nd August 2015 you can be a witness to Trayned Bandes military unit setting up an encampment during the English Civil War.

Saturday 10.00am – Soldiers’ camp open to public, sentries set and soldiers and civilians go about their duties for the day.

11.00am – Drill and firing display on lawn

2.00pm – Drill and firing display on lawn

3.00pm – Skirmish. The garrison is attacked by a party from the advance guard of the Parliamentarian Army.

4.00pm – Drill and firing display on lawn


As above but with cannon drill and firing during displays.

10am – 6pm (Sunday 12 noon – 6pm)

For more details, visit the Skipton Castle website.

Yorkshire Food Revolution

William Banting was a notable English undertaker. Formerly suffering from obesity, he is also known for being the first to popularise a weight loss diet based on limiting intake of refined and easily digestible carbohydrates.

He undertook his dietary changes at the suggestion of Soho Square physician Dr. William Harvey, who in turn had learnt of this type of diet, but in the context of diabetes management, from attending lectures in Paris by Claude Bernard.

Join out for our first Banting dinner, more details on the events page.

Our functional recreation room opens!

Our new Functional Exercise room features the latest Impulse group training rig. The station is designed to be used for multi purpose training and features a Boxing Station, rebounded station and Dip Bar. In addition to the Impulse group training rig we also have a selection of Plyometric Platforms, Dumbbells from 2.5kg to 25kg, Kettlebells, Lifeline Power Wheel, Olympic Bars, Bumper plates, Gym Balls, Speed ladder and Medicine Balls.

The room is a perfect way to train either on your own or as a group. We are running circuit classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 1.30pm and 7.30pm. To book a class or to arrange a induction to the Functional Exercise room contact a member of the Leisure Club Team on 01756 797477 or email the Leisure Club Manager for further details.

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