Rendezvous Hotel hosts Low Carb Skipton group

Low Carb Skipton regularly holds its monthly meeting at The Rendezvous Hotel. The meetings cover everything that newcomers to the Low Carb High Fat diet will need to know, including why the low carb diet is essential for diabetics but is also highly advantageous to people with other serious conditions as well as those who want to lose weight.

In the most recent meeting on 11th March, Verner Wheelock, who is the founder of the voluntary group, delivered a talk exploding many of the myths surrounding cholesterol and statins. Verner strongly challenges the Mail on Sunday’s recently launched campaign which backed the use of statins for those at risk of heart disease.

Also at the meeting, Sarah Thomas gave a very interesting talk about weight loss, looking at why we gain weight, what controls appetite and why a low carbohydrate lifestyle is the best option for those want to shed the pounds.

Meetings are open to everyone, and are held twice a month – one evening meeting, and one lunchtime meeting. Please see the Low Carb Skipton website for more information.

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