We’re proud to be a ‘green’ Yorkshire Dales hotel

Here at the Rendezvous we’re proud of our commitment to helping the environment and with this in mind, we’re delighted to announce that we have just installed a brand new biomass boiler. Our biomass boiler isn’t only good for the environment though as it’s keeping our guests warm and cosy during the winter and heating our water throughout the year.

Why did we decide to install a biomass boiler?  As a Yorkshire Dales hotel, we felt we needed to do our bit in helping to preserve this beautiful corner of the world for future generations. As such helping the environment has become a very important part of everything we do. Our biomass boiler provides us with all the heat and hot water we need but from a sustainable energy source, rather than from fossil fuels which are now known to produce harmful carbon emissions.

A biomass boiler is, in very simple terms, a boiler which burns wood chips which are a ‘clean’ fuel, rather than gas or oil. Because they don’t burn gas or oil, biomass boilers are much more economical to run – something which is perfect for us as a busy Yorkshire Dales hotel as we have lots of rooms to heat! In addition the biomass boiler system is already proving very easy to maintain and is keeping guests and staff alike lovely and warm this winter.

The biomass boiler is heating all of our guest bedrooms very efficiently and it’s wonderful to think that the hundreds of showers and baths which are taken here every day are now all heated by a pile of wood chips!

The installation of our biomass boiler is just the latest step in our mission to go as green as possible and help to protect the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park which is right on our doorstep. Thanks to our location in Skipton – a town which is widely known as being the ‘Gateway to the Dales’ – travelling into and out of the National Park by bus is very easy for our guests. We recommend to all our guests that they spend at least one day exploring the area by bus and we’re pleased to report that most guests jump at the chance to get out and about without their car. Cycling has also become increasingly popular with our guests and thanks to our prime location close to the route of the Tour de France back in 2014, we now offer a bike rental and storage service.

We do everything we can to protect the environment and alongside our new ‘green’ source of heating, we use energy saving light bulbs where possible and our lighting control system ensures lights aren’t switched on when they don’t need to be. We recently also recently installed a waste and rubbish compressor; this means we’ve been able to dramatically decrease the number of waste collections from the hotel.

We’re very proud to be one of the few Yorkshire Dales hotels to have installed a biomass boiler so if you’re looking for a hotel that’s in a fantastic location and ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the environment, we’d love to welcome you to the Rendezvous!

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